Tamolitch Pool

This is part 3 (and the final part) of my McKenzie River Trail posts! 
First I want to say this: The blue in the photos is completely untouched/un-enhanced. This is how the water photographed, and it’s even more beautiful in person. 
 The Tamolitch Pool (also known as the Blue Pool) is the main reason I wanted to hike along the McKenzie River. I had seen pictures of it before, and had to see if it was really that beautiful for myself. After you hike past the waterfalls, you come to a dam, and after that the river seems to dry up. The trail has dried up river beds with fallen trees, no water, and in my opinion, is a pretty ugly part of the trail. After a couple miles though, you suddenly come to this stunning blue pool where the McKenzie River starts again. The river didn’t really dry up, it just went underground, and when it reappears, it is pure and COLD! The water looks inviting and refreshing, but it sits around 40˚, which makes it hard to enjoy a leisurely swim. Although the Blue Pool looks shallow, it’s up to 40 feet deep, and a popular place for people to cliff jump in the Summer. We ended up doing what we called an “offroad hike” and climbed down to the water. It’s a bit of a hidden path if you don’t know where to go, but with good shoes is very manageable for most fitness levels.
Pictures do not do this justice! If you are in the area, pack up some lunch, make the hike, and enjoy this beautiful hidden gem. You won’t regret it!

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It’s amazing how profound the effect is on a person’s loved ones, friends, family, and community when they commit suicide. You start to see all the posts about how sad and tragic the loss is, and how much they were loved and appreciated.

Seeing all of these messages to the person posted on their facebook truly makes you wonder, if they knew just how much they were loved before committing, would they have thought twice about committing suicide?

It’s far too late to know the answer, but it can’t hurt to know that, at the end of the day, someone really cares about you. That being said, don’t take your loved ones for granted. Make sure you let them know that you love them, before it’s too late.

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Allison Chu

You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.

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This makes me so happy. 

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